Welcome to RSX11M.com

A site for information on the computer operating system RSX11M+
which runs on DEC PDP-11 computers.

RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6  BL87   (PIDP11)  1920K  UP 004:14:33 15-OCT-2020 11:52:49
TASK=  *IDLE*                FREE=   SY0:324767.      DK0:DMO
ICBP=1410.:1662.:2.                  DU1:1431718.     DK1:DMO        PARS
POOL=4282.:6140.:25.         SECPOOL=416.:1024.:40%
     4282.:6140.:25.                 416.:1024.:40%                 SECPOL:P
IN:  DMTMHFF.TQB.N FERRMNE  MRC. .                                  DRVPAR:D
22   ICTSRC1.TMA.T TVCCCTT  AMC. .                                  GEN   :D
169K RR::CS1.1GP.. SCPPL.H  ISS. .
OUT: 1.  .RAW5.0PN D.21.NA  $RME M
0    1.  .ECH . IN E....NC  $ERD A
0K   M.  .SPO . PS Q....SP  $SXT I
    !!>))>!++>>>+->>>>>>+> ++!!-+-+
                                N   I    TI        C        NNP     ERRSEQ
                                T   P    CF        A        TTO     0.
                                .   P    ::        C        ..O
                                I   O              H        DXL
                                P   O              E        LP.
                                    L                       XT.

Useful links to find RSX and PDP-11 documentation and distributions:
RSX A User's Guide
DEC RSX11 Manuals from bitsavers
Trailling Edge FTP collection of DEC software, including DECUS SIG tapes

Simh is an emulator of various old computer systems that runs under Linux, OSX, and Window
Emulating a PDP-11 under Simh is a great way to get started with an exploration of RSX11M or RSX11M+
Trailling Edge Computer History Emulator Site
GitHub Site for latest version of Simh
HECnet info to connect to other hobbyist's PDP-11s, VAXes, & PDP-10s

RSX11M running on PDP-11s with "Blinken Lights" front panels had a idle light pattern that was unique
PDP-11/70 panel running RSX11M+
A look behind the console, a BeagleBone running Simh
Download your own virtual PDP-11/70 running RSX11M+ Blinking Lights

Or build yourself a Replica PDP-11/70, the PiDP-11/70 kit by Oscar Vermeulen

Download PiDP-11 DU0 RSX11M+ V4.6 w/ BQ TCP/IP
Download PiDP-11 DU1 containg RSX Sig Tapes

A Real PDP-11/70 from Henk Grooijen's collection