Welcome to RSX11M.com

A site for information on the computer operating system RSX11M+
which runs on DEC PDP-11 computers.

RSX-11M-PLUS V4.6  BL87   (PIDP11)  1920K  UP 014:14:33 18-DEC-2023 11:53:06
TASK=  *IDLE*                FREE=   SY0:324767.      DK0:DMO
ICBP=1410.:1662.:2.                  DU1:1431718.     DK1:DMO        PARS
POOL=4282.:6140.:25.         SECPOOL=416.:1024.:40%
     4282.:6140.:25.                 416.:1024.:40%                 SECPOL:P
IN:  DMTMHFF.TQB.N FERRMNE  MRC. .                                  DRVPAR:D
22   ICTSRC1.TMA.T TVCCCTT  AMC. .                                  GEN   :D
169K RR::CS1.1GP.. SCPPL.H  ISS. .
OUT: 1.  .RAW5.0PN D.21.NA  $RME M
0    1.  .ECH . IN E....NC  $ERD A
0K   M.  .SPO . PS Q....SP  $SXT I
    !!>))>!++>>>+->>>>>>+> ++!!-+-+
                                N   I    TI        C        NNP     ERRSEQ
                                T   P    CF        A        TTO     0.
                                .   P    ::        C        ..O
                                I   O              H        DXL
                                P   O              E        LP.
                                    L                       XT.

Useful links to find RSX and PDP-11 documentation and distributions:

New! Get the latest version of Johnny Billquist's RSX for PiDP-11

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New! DEC RSX11 Manuals from MIM

RSX A User's Guide
DEC RSX11 Manuals from bitsavers
Trailling Edge FTP collection of DEC software, including DECUS SIG tapes
RSX-11M+ MultiProcessing, a collection of photos and docs for the PDP-11/74

Simh is an emulator of various old computer systems that runs under Linux, OSX, and Window
Emulating a PDP-11 under Simh is a great way to get started with an exploration of RSX11M or RSX11M+
Trailling Edge Computer History Emulator Site
GitHub Site for latest version of Simh
HECnet info to connect to other hobbyist's PDP-11s, VAXes, & PDP-10s
RSX APL-11 Release Notes (AA-2573H-TC)
RSX APL-11 Programmer's Reference Guide (AA-5076B-TC)
Download RGL/11 Regis Fortran Plotting Subroutines

RSX11M running on PDP-11s with "Blinken Lights" front panels had a idle light pattern that was unique
PDP-11/70 panel running RSX11M+
A look behind the console, a BeagleBone running Simh
Download your own virtual PDP-11/70 running RSX11M+ Blinking Lights

Or build yourself a Replica PDP-11/70, the PiDP-11/70 kit by Oscar Vermeulen

A Real PDP-11/70 from Henk Grooijen's collection

Download DU0 zip
Download DU1 zip
Download Frodo DU0 zip